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AMERIgreen is an energy wholesaler to retail distributors operating in the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. We provide domestically produced biofuels, refined products, propane and lubricants to our growing network of committed AMERIgreen customers. Our hedging and in-house marketing services make us a Total Energy Partner our customers rely on. We also supply and broker commercial and residential natural gas and electricity in PA & NJ markets. Mission We work every day to improve America’s energy freedom and sustainability for today and future generations. Vision Our success is dependent on the success of our customers. Everything we do is aimed at helping our customers succeed. Corporate Values Sustainable Growth: We look to the future without forgetting our history. We grow sensibly within our capacities. Marketing and education is our core competency. We present a consistent, attractive, distinctive image and message with up-to-date information promoting the differentiating facts about domestic, clean, quality energy products. Innovation: It is our responsibility to ourselves and our children to continue to find smart solutions for our nation’s energy needs. Relationships: We value relationships deeply. We always treat people with respect and dignity, and we hold each other to that standard. Reliability: We have long-standing, trusted relationships with vendors and distributors. You can expect quality products and helpful service from us every time. Resourcefulness: We’ve grown up on old fashioned hard work and ingenuity. No matter the challenges we and our distributors face, we will overcome them with effective, simple strategies.

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