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Charlie Burnham Energy & Heating Service


Charlie had been working for one of the nation’s large oil companies. He wanted to start a service company that was professional, experienced, honest and timely. He foresaw the trend of big out-of-state oil companies buying up the smaller in-state companies and the corresponding drop in service. He knew that customers would migrate back to local service providers when the big companies fell behind with service delivery.

Charlie Burnham, whose background is in sales and service, and Agoston (George) Gyorgy, system designer, started this company together. “George was and is the best heating and cooling system designer I have ever worked with in the 40 years I have been in this business,” Charlie noted. Their goals were in sync, to deliver on-time service and installation of heating and cooling systems in a professional manner with superior quality and workmanship. Charlie and George are known throughout Southern Maine as the “go to” people for industry information. They are often called upon by manufacturers in difficult situations to resolve cases specific to their expertise. Jim Enrico, a long-term Charlie Burnham employee, is now co-owner and heads up our propane and oil divisions. He has a broad background in the construction industry and has been working in the HVAC market for 23 years. He holds Maine state licenses for gas, oil and delivery.

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