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Dennis K. Burke, Inc.


Dennis K. Burke is committed to providing alternative fuels and energy sources to mainstream America.

We were an early adopter of environmentally sensitive products, including biodiesel and BioHeat. To this day, in addition to biodiesel, BioHeat and E85, we offer a full (and growing) line of readily and inherently biodegradable lubricants.

In 2002 we became the first retail station for Biodiesel in the State of Massachusetts.

In 2003 Dennis K Burke & NSTAR were awarded an environmental collaboration award for the use of Biodiesel.

We worked with Harvard University extensively in 2004 & 2005 to figure out exactly what the benefits and limitations of biodiesel and BioHeat could be in the Northeast, where heating demand is high but temperature related gelling is a major obstacle.

In 2007 we were awarded the State of Massachusetts’ Biodiesel contract and fulfilled the state’s requirements for several years.

In 2004 EPA made their Non-Road Diesel Standard announcement (limiting sulfur content) from the Burke gas station. That station, in addition to being the first to sell retail biodiesel, would also become the first station in Massachusetts to retail E-85 Ethanol gasoline in 2008.

Because of our work in the early days of E-85 implementation, our Chairman of the Board, Ed Burke, even provided testimony to the United States Senate to help inform regulations regarding vapor recovery systems for E85 gasoline.

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