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In Qatar, we are managing millions of gallons of jet fuel for the U.S. military. Commercial jets at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel are being fueled by our personnel. At Guantanamo Bay, our people—on speedboats—are moving between U.S. Navy vessels to ensure fuel quality control. In Chile, our office is procuring roses to move to LAX. In Japan, Korea, Europe and South America we are managing the loading of passengers, cargo and fuel onto commercial, corporate, and U.S. Military aircraft.

Mercury Air Group never sleeps. We are a global leader in the aviation services industry with business operations in more than 60 locations worldwide with 1,350 employees.

To never sleep takes energy. Mercury gets its power from two sources—our heritage and our CEO.

Mercury was founded in 1956 by three members of the legendary, World War II, First American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers—Thomas C. Haywood, Robert P. “Duke” Hedman and Robert J. “Catfish” Raine. It is this tradition of teamwork, integrity and achieving strong results that drives our Chairman & CEO– Joseph A. Czyzyk.

Joe, as everyone calls him, was born in Poland, the son of Holocaust survivors, he traveled Europe as a toddler and grew up in Canada. His parents moved to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and he became a U.S. citizen. With that kind of childhood, it’s no wonder Mercury is an international company.

Mercury Air Group has been providing services to the aviation industry and the U.S. Government for more than 60 years. We believe that our team is the best, and so is our offering. Please let us know how we can meet your aviation needs.

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