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Heating oil is a distillate that is very closely related to diesel fuel. Heating oil puts out more heat per BTU than natural gas, propane, or electricity. This means that it’s a very efficient fuel for keeping your home warm in the winter months. With recent advances in technology, using heating oil is now safer for the environment, producing fewer emissions and hydrocarbons.

Dyed diesel is not intended for on-road use and is intentionally dyed to distinguish its use. Its use includes, but not limited to: farm tractors, heavy construction equipment, and generators. Since it is prohibited in on-road vehicles, this fuel does not incur a motor fuels tax. Sales tax may apply.

Kerosene is most commonly used for residential heating. Kerosene can be stored for years without degrading in quality or corroding fuel tanks. For these reasons, it’s an excellent choice for rural households that are not regularly serviced by fuel delivery trucks. There is also evidence to suggest that kerosene gives off fewer emissions and hydrocarbons than other heating sources, making it environmentally friendly.

Royal Petroleum is the leading supplier of tank wagon and trailer deliveries in the Delaware Valley. We provide gasoline delivery service for a diverse range of commercial and residential customers. These include commercial fleets, farms and agribusinesses, gas stations, single family homes, residential tanks and more.

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