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XpresSystems, Inc.


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The premise behind XpresWash was inspired by the evolution of the unlimited wash program. As unlimited wash programs began to grow in popularity, a Minnesota area car wash distributor and operator realized a need to eliminate some of the abuse that was immediately apparent with these programs. While unlimited wash programs were proving to be immensely profitable, they also were inherently insecure.

Anytime a free car wash is given away, you’ve opened up a chink in the armor of security surrounding your business. The mere idea of giving a wash away all the time can be extremely frightening to a car wash operator. When unlimited programs just started, they were impossible to run without an attendant reviewing the transaction. The basic idea was a credit card sized wash pass with the license plate number of the vehicle on the card. Anytime the card was used an attendant needed to manually verify that the card matched the vehicle. When this verification is ignored then it is possible for a customer to abuse the system. Every car wash operator knows all the different reasons why the verification can be ignored, laziness, just too busy, or the friend factor.

What about all the unattended washes? There was just no way for them to utilize the benefits of an unlimited program because the only verification mechanism available, an attendant, is not there.

Enter the birth of the XpresWash system. XpresWash eliminates all the negatives to the unlimited program while maximizing profit and customer convenience along with minimizing your labor costs. XpresWash was designed to work with any entry system on the market in attended and unattended car washes.

Not interested in the unlimited program? XpresWash also offers many other programs such as prepaid plans, club plans, fleet programs, and pay per use plans that all utilize the convenience of the XpresWash system.

XpresSystems, Inc., the company behind XpresWash, was founded by a Minnesota area car wash distributor with over 15 years of experience in the industry. That distributor has owned, operated, installed, and serviced many different types of car washes in those 15+ years. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure XpresWash will work for you.

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